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Three Musketeers Broadcast

Recorded at Monterey High School. Set in 1625 France, this story follows the swashbuckling adventures of aspiring musketeer D'Artagnan, and his scrappy little sister Sabine, as they journey from their rural hometown in Gascony to the big city of Paris to realize D'Artagnan's dream of becoming a real musketeer. Above all, D'Artagnan wants to protect, honor, and serve King Louis XIII and his lovely Queen Anne. Being naive and inexperienced, the siblings get themselves into many jams and run headlong into a nefarious plot set by the power-hungry Cardinal Richelieu and his murderous henchwoman the beautiful Milady de Winter. Teaming-up with the adventures, they finally foil the Cardinal and save the day."

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Bingo Night
Later Event: March 23
Three Musketeers Broadcast